Processing “In Christ”

Jesus, earnestly I seek you, I thirst for you
Here in the dryness of my heart
Here in the jumble of thoughts and emotions
I’m declaring Jesus as my single vision.

Messiah in me, my hope is your glory.
Me in you. Ridiculously blessed with favor.
With the gaze of the Father hot on me
I’m found pure and stainless, light and free.

You give me a ring and a robe
And put sandals on my feet
Issuing the invitation to come inside
For the family feast.

These dark stains from my past
Have been swallowed up in you
And all that is left is hope for the future
And purpose in this present.

Though I seek you often, you are never far
Eagerly anticipating my most slight request
I’m gently reminded you have never left
A guarantee of a much greater inheritance.


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