Reflecting and Hoping Creatively in Seattle

The page has turned, a new year leaps

Like the lark’s climbing flight.

Are the seasons so defined

That as a timestamp blinks and the calendar flips

Everything is new?

Or will yesterday follow me into tomorrow,

Gradually fading,

Like a recycled canvas becoming this year’s masterpiece?

Because 2014 was hard- the hardest of my life-

And it would be nice to wake up this morning

Leaving it, like an embarrassing memory,

In some tucked away corner of a forgotten closet.


A masterpiece doesn’t happen quickly though.

Old colors don’t hide in one stroke.

And even when it sits against the gallery wall,

At certain angles and in the right light,

I’ll remember what is painted underneath-

What is just out of sight-

And be thankful for this season that has just passed.



Blessings to you in this new year, and glory to God- the one who reuses our tattered canvases to make beautiful things.



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