Video of Luke’s God Story Retell

As a part of the Vision Course last year we all had a project where we put together a creative re-telling of some part from the Bible (which is the story of God). Lauren did this amazing monologue while baking a loaf of bread to tell the story of Ruth. I did a little creative spoken word thing and had some prayer stations to go along with it.

The video explains the context pretty well, but I’ll summarize it here too. Put yourself in the shoes of the Israelites as they are leaving Egypt headed for the Promised Land. They are leave 400 years of slavery, cross the Red Sea, and enter into 40 years of wandering. From slavery to orphanry. Then  finally they cross the Jordan River and enter into the Promised Land.

I connected the Israelite’s journey with all of our journeys as we work out our sonship. Even after salvation our identities flow between various states of slavery (I have to work for everything I have. I’m not safe. I have to compete with everyone and prove myself) to states of orphanhood (I don’t trust God to be a good father, I don’t fit in anywhere, I don’t have a home, no one really loves me) while on the road towards the Promised Land of Sonship (I’m a confident son who knows in my bones just how much the Father loves me, I trust the Father to prove his goodness and love in every situation) . 

So as you listen to this put yourself in the place of the Israelites and relate through your own journey from slavery to orphanhood and into the glorious reality of sonship.

I actually presented this back in May during the morning gathering at the Kansas City Boiler Room, but have been holding off on posting it. Today I preached at Oasis and we went through the prayer stations together as a whole community. It was a beautiful experience and I was inspired to share, so enjoy!


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