Deepest Gratitude

I just wanted to take a minute and give a quick update on my health. As many of you know, for several weeks during the months of June and July I was bedridden with illness. I’ve had some weird health complications (which I don’t want to go into now… but might share about another time), and was experiencing some of the most debilitating sickness I’ve ever known.
I know it sounds dramatic, but there were many mornings I woke up feeling like I was going to die. Every bit of normalcy was gone, and the simplest task (such as walking to the garden) was taxing and hard.
I’ve been to see many doctors.
I’ve been to the ER.
I’ve had blood drawn four different times for various lab tests.
And I’ve had a CAT scan.
Yet doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me…

All of those trips to the doctor were so traumatic and hard for me to deal with! It’s scary not knowing what’s wrong with your body. Yet through it all, the love of God and the prayers of the saints have been my anchor.

I am so happy to tell you all that I’m finally feeling better! Luke and I flew out to AZ two weeks ago to see my doctor and to be near family. And slowly as the days have passed, I am finally feeling 99% better. I’m still not 100%, but I am able to live my life again… and I am so grateful. Being close to our family has provided so much strength and peace for my heart.

I truly cannot express my gratitude for all the facebook messages, texts, cards, emails, phone calls, prayers and love. There were many days where I was drowning in fear, despair, and sickness, and your prayers were the only thing lifting my heart and body into hope.
Beloved saints, thank you so much for loving me like Jesus does.

As I continue this healing journey, would you continue to pray for the mental and spiritual side to my restoration? Although my body is feeling much more normal, I still struggle with anxiety and irrational fears. There’s much fear that I may relapse into sickness again or that another catastrophic event will happen.
I know my fears are not real, and that the Father has been with me through all this… and He will never leave me regardless of what happens in the future. But sometimes my mind and heart have a hard time catching up to the truth. So prayer for this area is much appreciated. 🙂

Luke and I are truly still in limbo – this summer has dealt us many hard blows… many deaths, many jobs falling through, and my illness. Although we don’t have answers, we’re daily choosing trust and peace.
His perfect love casts out all fear.
He has good plans for our lives.
He loves us, and will never abandon us.
He never wastes suffering – He works all things for good.
Regardless of circumstances, we know these truths are more true than what we feel.

Deepest love to all of you,

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2 thoughts on “Deepest Gratitude

  1. I love you so much, Lauren! Praise God for healing and continued healing! Still praying for y’all. Love and miss you immensely!

  2. Luke and Lauren , so glad that you are feeling better. As I have been praying for you, the question that keeps coming to my mind is, are you absolutely sure that god wants you to be in Kansas City at this time in your life. You have had to deal with so much heartache and illness and having difficulty finding jobs, that I feel deep in my heart, that you should be with family right now in your life, not just for a short time but maybe a longer time. Be sure as you pray that you are listening to what God is asking you to do. So many times in my life from the time I was young till now I just didn’t listen to what he wanted me to do, even when he clearly was telling me what I should be doing. May he guide you in your decisions, and may you truly listen to him. You have a wonderful relationship with him and I know you will listen to him. I miss you and love you, the reason I am writing to you about this is because it has been on my heart and I feel God is telling me to share this with you. Love you and support any decision you make. Love, Aunt Carolyn

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