A Video Tour of our New Living Space

Living space? I (Luke) didn’t know what to call it. We moved on Sunday to a new place. It’s not a house, and it’s not our house, so I wasn’t sure what to call it. Basically our good friends Shawn and Laura Cardwell are leading a community house on Troost Ave, and we are renting some space as a part of that.

I’ve been trying to describe the space we have, but it’s been difficult so I’ll just share some video footage I took while we were unpacking. We have a good amount of space, but the entire building probably has a good 10,000 square feet. We aren’t using much of it, but it’s here. I know, I’m raising more questions without answering the first ones. I just don’t know how to describe it. And I’m hungry and not in the mood to try very hard at it.

Enjoy the video!


2 thoughts on “A Video Tour of our New Living Space

  1. Your video is nice. The little set off in your bedroom might be a nice little prayer corner, with the light coming thru the window you could put a colored light chaser on the window( you know one of those different colored items you hang in your window ). Remember grandma had one in her living room window. I think it was a butterfly. Have a good time decorating and putting things away. Love, Aunt Carolyn

    Sent from Carolyn


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