March Madness

March has been a busy and wonderful month – the weather is warming, flowers are blooming, and life is crazy busy!

We’ve had a great time with Vision Course classes this month- last week there was a team of college students from the University of Houston doing outreach on UMKC’s campus. It was a jam-packed week of evangelism and awesome testimonies! We also had a Friday “Fun-Day” by visiting the KC Zoo. Let me tell you – this is a pretty awesome zoo! It’s complete with polar bears and penguins! Unfortunately, I got a terrible cold last Tuesday… so I have been slowly recovering.
This week, the beloved Jonathan and Melissa Helser have been in town teaching our Vision Course classes. Let me tell you – there has been some seriously awesome worship and beautiful tears happening! The Lord has been doing lots and lots of healing in my heart. I’m still processing everything, but I am so grateful to be caught up in Papa God’s goodness and love!

Also, we are going home to AZ for the last week of March for Spring Break! We are so excited to spend time with family and attend a friend’s wedding! Although the week will be full, we plan to go hiking, soak up the sun, and eat as much Mexican food as possible. 🙂

Over the last few months, Luke and I have been praying a LOT about our future. We have about four different topics we’re seeking the Lord’s heart over. Topics surrounding our mission trip this summer, family, and finances. One of our main questions is, “What do we do after the Vision Course is over this summer?”. There’s lots of options – stay in KC, return to AZ, go overseas, go somewhere else, etc. We are starting to hear Papa God’s heart for us, but we long to hear so much more!
As we’re home for this week, we plan to seek wise counsel and continue dreaming God’s big dreams for our lives. Will you join us in prayer over this topic? We believe God has the very best for our lives and future (wherever that may be). Pray for God’s perfect peace over our minds, pray for dreams/scripture/wise counsel to guide us rightly, pray for us to hear clearly, and please pray for provision to make whatever choice we make possible. 🙂

Thank you so much for your love and prayers – as our supporters and friends, we truly would not be here without you guys!

photo 2


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