Photo Update!

Enjoy some photos from life lately!

photo 1

^ Very blurry but fun Valentine’s day. We had watched an old movie & tanked up on chocolate!photo 2

^ Chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate peanut butter cups, chocolate popcorn, chocolate wine (oh wait, just kidding. regular wine). And the movie “Roman Holiday”. It was great!photo 3

^ Mexican food place we actually like! Teocali!photo 4

^ Blue house on a blue day. photo 5

^ Penelope in her “Seuss-suit” for eating in! Too cute!photo 1

^ Luke & I attempted to go hiking on a nice day… with snow all over the ground. photo 2

^ Brr. photo 5

^ But that means a snow-ball fight!photo 4 photo 3

^ Hiking right by the Missouri 1 photo 1

^ Yummy sweet potato & bacon soup!photo 2

^ Date night at the Kauffman center!photo 4

^ Cool view of the city from inside. photo 3

^ Bathroom selfie! Haha. photo 5 photo 1

^ Looking up at the ceiling!photo 5

^ Our close seats, right to the left of the symphony. photo 2

^ We found an 1818 building in downtown KC! My First Piano should moved to Kansas City!photo 3

^ Panorama of the prayer room we set up!photo 4

^ Sunrise from the prayer room window!photo 3

^ Keith is in the hedges again. photo 4

^ Trader Joes was INSANE before the snow hit!photo 5

^ Snow again….


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