New Year’s Resolutions… God-Made Life

I am not sure who created the idea of  a “new year’s resolution”, why you have to start it on January 1st, why they always involve health-related things, nor am I so sure if anyone actually does them anymore. We’ve all had our fair share of unattainable resolutions we’ve made for ourselves (i.e., getting up before 8am! Ha!). And there’s nothing more frustrating than making a resolution, trying it for a day, then giving up.

Personally though, I have come to really enjoy resolutions… mostly because I’ve started making resolutions I can keep (i.e., eating more donuts this year… ;)). I have started to focus not just on health stuff, but also personal stuff like – make a new friend, try a new recipe, travel somewhere new, or eat at a new restaurant. I guess the point is just to spice up life and make it more interesting and enjoyable, you know?
So not only do I look forward to doing one, but I also feel pretty accomplished when I actually attain them.

On New Year’s day, Luke and I have started a tradition of going hiking and praying about the year. We just spend some time listening, asking questions, and inviting the Lord to speak to us. It’s always very fun. This year was a little different because we didn’t have a TON of time to write a lot of specific resolutions, but instead we decided on a phrase that we wanted to characterize our lifestyle this year: “God-made” (versus “man-made”).
You see, prior to returning home to AZ for Christmas, one of our Vision Course classes was about health. Not like “your BMI is too high” type health, but like, “what is God’s definition of health?”. We spent a lot of the class talking about true health (emotionally, physically, spiritually and relationally). It’s all connected, you know? God made us with a body, soul and spirit that are interconnected.
So for example, when my emotional health is bad (i.e., feeling rejected) my relational health is poor too (i.e., I push people away).  Because of sin, the whole earth operates in a “man-made” way. We create idols to fill our need for God, we have fake relationships where we abuse friends and family, we take drugs or use prescriptions or alcohol to mask our problems, and we eat nutrient-deficient foods that are highly processed and man-made. Does that make sense? When we live like this for a long time, our whole health as a person totally tanks.

When we put our faith in Jesus and allow His love to heal our wounds, we then start loving ourselves and others rightly. We learn to repent, forgive, love, serve, and follow His Spirit – and this leads to abundant life for us which is WAY different than the world lives! Don’t you want this type of health? I want my whole body, soul and spirit to be filled with joy and light!

So with all that being said, Luke and I are trying to walk out new ways of health for our life together. Some of our goals are related to the physical and some are related to the spiritual. And although it’s only been a month or so, we’re experiencing so much life from our new habits! Wahoo!

Anyway, I just wanted to write a small intro-post to a series we’re starting about this “God-Made” life. We’re going to be posting on the 4 or 5 different topics we’re focusing on this year! Hope you enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 1.21.37 PM


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