Many Thanks!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently! We have just been settling in and adjusting to life back in Kansas City. Thankfully for us, the weather has been snow-free (although still very cold). In my mind though, anything is survivable without snow. Snow makes everything more wet, cold, and slippery. Haha.

Firstly, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all your prayers, love, cards, texts, hugs, and emails in regards to my grandma passing away. They are truly beyond kind and so appreciated. πŸ™‚
My flight home to Phoenix was wonderful, although short. The funeral was beautiful and it was an honor to spend that time with my family. Please continue to pray for my family as we all adjust and transition.

Currently, Luke and I are trucking through a 3-week discipleship course called Life Training School (LTS). So far, it has been positively phenomenal! We are learning a lot and receiving incredibly clear biblical teaching on the work and the way of the cross. It’s providing space for phenomenal conversations for Luke and I to work through issues together! In addition, we’re receiving prayer and some inner-healing too. I’m so grateful for this time, as I have personally been experiencing Papa God in new ways. Not to mention, I’m learning to let go of control! There’s so much freedom in giving the Lord all the control. πŸ™‚
These three weeks have been especially fun too because Luke’s brother Bryan came to attend LTS with us too! It’s been so fun to have some family around the Boiler Room with us!

Anyway, here’s just a few snapshots from the last couple weeks. Once again, many thanks for all your love and prayers for us!

photo 1

^ My cute little apple-cozy, to keep it from getting bruised when in my bag! Great idea, right?
photo 2

^ Flight to AZ – lovely sunrise!photo 3

^ More lovely scenery from one of the four plane flights I 4

Β ^ Delicious breakfast with my Mom! Yum!photo 5

^ Beautiful funeral for Grandma!photo 1

^ My brothers and I! Good looking, eh?photo 2

^ My AWESOME Christmas present from Luke – a record player!photo 3

^ Precious baby Penelope!photo 4

^ Looks scary, I know, but it was good. Broccoli pesto! Haha. All you veggie-haters, be ware!

photo 2

^ Out for a walk with Penny!photo 3

^ Outside the Nelson Atkins Art Museum with Bryan. πŸ™‚


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