Monthly Photo Explosion!

Well, it’s that time of year again – when we share every single photo we’ve taken over the last month or so! (Oh, I know you enjoy these posts). We have about 7 billion to share, so buckle up and enjoy the photo ride!

photo 4

^ This is our space heater named “Fido”. He’s like a dog, warm, short, and you can walk him with his cord, er leash. photo 5^Baby Christmas tree. photo 3

^ Usual night for us… reading, and popcorn…photo 1

^ The 6th floor of the Boiler Room is lovely and lit up with tons of lights!photo 2

^ The dark night of KC, from the 6th floor BR. photo 1

^ Jeremy using the 18th century wheelchair found at the Cardwell Castle. photo 4

^ The last of fall. So sad, all the leaves are now barren. 😦photo 3

^ Yep, winter is here. photo 5

^ Coolest little kitchen store we found in Westport. So many colors!photo 3

^ Tiny House Luke found on a walk. Luke wants to live in one of these someday.  photo 1

^ Hairnet… whilst serving at the Thanksgiving dinner at Attucks Elementary. photo 2 photo 3

^ Katie, modeling the turkey. photo 5

^ Shawn and one of the dear kiddos!
photo 3

^ This is the only real heater in our attic. Yes, we spend 90% of our day next to it. photo 2

^ My Thanksgiving apple pie. It was a hit, if I do say so myself!photo 3

^ Off to Indianapolis to spend Turkey-day with some of Luke’s family friends. photo 5

^ The lovely, flat, midwest scenery stretched ever out before us. photo 1

^ Luke playing with little Ava. She was too cute!Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

^ Out for a walk! And a smooch. 😉photo 2

^ In front of his childhood house in Carmel, Indiana!photo 2 photo 3

^ Headed home through St. Louis. photo 3

^ Cutie, drooly, Penelope time!photo 4

^ Prayer Week at the Boiler Room! What a great week it was. photo 4

^ My new running clothes that I’m very excited about. photo 5

^ Mr. Snowman. photo 2

^ And snow did come at last. Brr. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

^ Outside the Phoenix Jazz Club… made me miss Phoenix!photo 2

^ Winterizing our windows. It’s like plastic shrinky-dink stuff. Super weird, but it helps!photo 5

^ My man and his big ol’ mitts.

photo 1

^ What a cutie! Photo from Michael & Kristin’s wedding (sorry I cropped you both out, heh!). 😉photo 3

^ Date night with the Kansas City Philharmonia! Too cool! photo 5 photo 3

^ Kansas City has such a cool downtown. photo 1

^ Union Station Christmas tree!!!!!photo 2

photo 4

^ Did I mention that I love Christmas?photo 5

^ At the Crown Center plaza. photo 1

^ Luke running to get inside, it was terribly cold! photo 2

^ Capped date night off at Grinder’s Pizza, our very first KC date night spot!photo 5

^ And more snow. Boo.


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