Family & Fun

We had such an enjoyable start to November by having Luke’s parents come visit us! We loved getting to show them all the sights, trying some KC barbecue and playing Settlers (which I happened to win! ;)) Here’s some photos from our time & more!

photo 1

^ An actual “boiler room” in the basement of the Cardwells! Wow!photo 3

^ Beautiful day for Nelson Atkins!photo 4

^ Dad was made for modern art. photo 5

^ Contemplating the deep mysteries of life… black boxes inside brown boxes….photo 1

^ This man was not real, but terrifyingly close. photo 2

^ All of my favorite colors in one painting!photo 3

^ Look at the fall colors! Look at that cool house!photo 4

^ Meat flame broiled. At Fogo de 5

^ How cute are they?! photo 1

^ At the rose gardens at Loose Park! photo 3

^ Wahoo!photo 4 photo 5

^ Aw.

photo 2 photo 3

^ LOVE FALL!photo 4

^ Beautiful street! photo 5

^ Mom & I. 🙂photo 1

^ Settlers!!!!!photo 2

^ Latte love from The Roasterie. photo 3

^ Potluck to finish prayer week at the Boiler Room! photo 1

^ Penelope ADORABLENESS!photo 2

^ Cat baby. photo 3

^ Love this house.
photo 4

^ Love this cutie! Also, we got bacon, eggs and toast at Niecie’s for $3.25!!!!!!!! What a steal! photo 3

^ Panchos. Closest thing to “acceptable” Mexican food around here… but still not that good. 😦photo 2

^ Candid camera. photo 4

^ Wonderful worship on Sunday mornings at the Boiler!photo 5

^PACKED mall parking lot. The holidays are upon us I guess…

Also, here is a little video of fall around our streets. Problem is, I turned the camera halfway through, so it’s hard to follow. Don’t worry, it turns back though. Just flip your laptop to match accordingly. 😉


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