Life Lately!

Back to the photo posts! So much to share and so little time!
Good thing a picture is worth a thousand words, eh?
(Cheesy, I know).

Anyway, Fall has fallen in KC and it’s LOVELY. Here’s a bit of our life lately:


^ Fun reunion with one of my old interns!

photo 3

^ CRA-ZAY storm we had a couple weeks ago, complete with hail and sheets of rain.

photo 4

^ Our power was out for 24 HOURS STRAIGHT! Talk about roughing it!

photo 5

^ This is a bad photo, but this is our dark attic.
The shiny light to the left is Luke wearing his head lamp reading from Sherlock Holmes! Hah!

photo 1

^ The storm uprooted all these trees. Notice the above rotted tree.
photo 2

^ Now, notice the car it smashed on its way down! Wah!photo 3 photo 4

^ More damage everywhere… so sad!photo 5 photo 1

^ Fun “family night” during a week of 24 hour prayer!photo 2

^ There are many kiddos at the Boiler Room!photo 1

^ More beautiful colors at the River Market. photo 2

^ I got a bouquet of flowers for 2 DOLLARS!!! YAY!photo 3

^ Wheel of fortune?photo 4 photo 5

^ All this all-natural produce goodness for $20. photo 1

^ We spent a day reading at Loose Park. So nice out!photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

^ At The Filling Station, the replica of “The Coffee Shop” in Gilbert. Hah!photo 1 photo 2

^ Singing to baby Penny when we watch her on Monday nights. Too cute.

photo 3 photo 1

^ The Cider Mill is nothing crazy exciting, except it’s ridiculously cute. photo 2

^ Failed jump attempt. photo 3

^ Did I mention cider donuts? Yeah. photo 4

^ At Shiloh!photo 5 photo 3

^ Visiting the spot in Shiloh where Luke proposed to me. 🙂
photo 1

^ For as many “google fiber” trucks we see, it sure doesn’t seem to be coming any faster…photo 4

^ Asian restaurant we found. The lack of grammar is synonymous with how good the food is!photo 5

^ My DIY headboard project (wood working skillz!). Still needs to be painted.

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 3.26.14 PM

^ Wonderful family skype on Sundays. Too fun. 🙂

That’s all folks!


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