Photo Update!

Well it seems as though we only post photos these days… but, what’s a blog for anyway? Here’s another little update on our lives here – we’re about 3 weeks into KC life! The weather has finally changed and it’s drizzly and chilly outside.

Enjoy the photos!

photo 1

^ Rainy day view of the city. photo 2

^ Exploring the Nelson Atkins Art Museum – only like a 10 minute walk from our house!photo 3

^ We just jogged on over. And by “jogged”, I mean mostly walked. Ha!photo 4

^ Luke with the headless men. photo 5

^ Me & the birdie.

photo 1

^ Cool quote!

 photo 2
^ More Art Museum photos.

 photo 3photo 4

photo 1

^ We love all the cute little houses on our street! Also, what a stud!photo 2

^ Lovely latte from the Filling Stationphoto 3

^ The iconic red radio tower. photo 4

^ Back at it. Donut sundays. photo 5

^ We got to celebrate our dear friend Jenny’s birthday! With a donut!photo 1

^ Watching some of the BR kids! What cuties. photo 2

^ Why yes, that IS a possum sleeping in our trash can. photo 3

^ And yes, we did have to kill it. 4

^ Our fellow Vision Course friends and their dance moves. photo 5

^ We have a lovely bay window in our attic. 🙂

photo 1

^ At Cafe Main where we took our engagement photos!photo 2

^ Cinnamon roll from heaven!

That is all for now! More stories and photos to come!


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