Settling In

It’s already September, and life here is rolling along. We’ve mostly adjusted to KC life, but we’re still newbies. We certainly miss the comfort and familiarity of Arizona. Not to mention our friends and family! The weather here has been unfortunately warm (what’s up with AZ getting all the rain once we leave?!?!). But it should be cooling off here soon.

We’ve started the Vision Course program and it’s been very cool. We spent time sharing testimonies, getting prayer and prophecy, and worshipping together during our Orientation weekend. Then, we kicked into some classes, outreach to KC, and some one-on-one times! It’s been a bit busy, but definitely manageable. During our class times, we’ve been going through The God Story which is a 5-part teaching series by Adam Cox – and it’s phenomenal! If you’ve ever wondered how the bible fits together or how we tie into the whole story, GIVE IT A LISTEN! You can get a little teaser by watching this:

OR, you can buy the audio or video here. 🙂

Currently, I’m still on the job hunt. My desire is to be working a life-giving job that’s close and connected to my season here in KC.  So, please pray that I find that!

Here are some photos from life lately around here:

photo 1

^ Our futon! The mattress has never been sat on, so we’ve been weighing it down to create the crease! Hah!photo 2

^ Our cat-mate, Roux. photo 3 photo 4

^ I never get tired of city skylines!photo 5

^ Did you know KC is one of the first cities to get Google Fiber? Should be here end of October!photo 1

^ At Waldo pizza – VERY yummy pizza place!photo 2

^ Cool light on the 6th floor of the Boiler Room. photo 3

^ We get to watch the kiddos on Wednesday night. It’s always controlled chaos. photo 4 ^ Skyline!photo 1 photo 2

^ We found an amazing donut place. Yes, Lamar’s donuts. These things were goooooood. photo 3

^ Cool lights by the river at the Plaza!


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