Attic Apartment

Another update of sorts (for all you who are interested in such):

Luke and I are sitting at the Kansas City Public Library near the Plaza.
Firstly, it is a very nice library.
Secondly, there is a froyo place literally within 500 feet of the building.

I think we’re going to be coming here a lot.

So aside from navigating our way through a new city and discovering all the froyo/food places around, life has been slow like molasses… yet we’ve been busy as bees! I can’t believe we’ve only lived here barely a week! Tomorrow our program starts with the KC Vision Course. We’re very excited to get going and find some rhythm. I’m sure we’ll give many updates on the program once we start.

Currently, I’m job hunting (please pray I find a good part-time job!) and Luke is plugging away on social media for My First Piano. Also, we’ve been craigslist-hunting for some items for our little Attic Apartment. Things like bed frames, futons, and tables. Although our apartment was mildly furnished, there were some lacking elements. But we’re 10x closer to feeling at home in our attic as we’ve found more stuff to furnish it!

For all of you who are wondering what it looks like to live in an attic, I have attached some photos (as well as some other random ones from life lately). The space is really quite large and wonderful, and the family we’re living with is absolutely great. So yay for that! Thanks for all of ya’lls prayers as we transition – it has been both fun and challenging for us. This whole “Urban Downtown Midwest living” is just a whole ‘nother animal compared to tame old Gilbert. 🙂


^Trying to drive around downtown. Busy… but really cool views. photo 3

^ So we’ve been sleeping on a mattress on the floor because a box frame will  not fit through the door to our attic…
so we found a bed frame and spent about an hour at Lowes trying to find the right wood slats to be stable for the mattress. photo 2

^ After much aggravation, we figured out how to make it work. photo 3

^Stable as can be. And for some weird reason, having our mattress about 6 inches off the ground really makes a big difference in making us feel more at home. Go figure. photo 4

^ Closet and cool vintage vanity. photo 5

^ Our food nook. Hard to see, but it’s complete with a mini fridge, toaster oven and water kettle. We’ve blown a fuse about 2 times so far because of all these appliances. Ha.
But another important note – there is an A/C window unit on the right there, and the addition of that little guy has made a HUGE difference in the livability of our apartment. Literally, it was a billion humid degrees in there without it. photo 4

^ Nice n’ messy. photo 3

^ Someday we’ll have more furniture.
photo 2

^ The pretty bay window! Also, a futon will be added to this space soon. photo 1

^ Ooo, exciting bathroom photos. We’re trying to get this little space organized. photo 2 photo 5

^ Somebody found a good winter jacket at Goodwill today for only $6! Yay.

Anyway, there’s the basic lay-of-the-land in regards to our attic apartment. I’ll post more photos once the place get decorated and is more homey. 😉

Much love to all of you! We miss you guys!


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