A Photo Update of Sorts.

Hello everyone! I’m currently writing this update from a nice little coffeeshop in Downtown Kansas City. We have had a whirlwind of a couple weeks.  So although there is much to write, I will simply do a photo-post with all the details of life.

We will post again soon with photos our new little attic apartment and give an update on KC life… but for now, I give you life lately:

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

^ Our last meal in our apartment together! Yummy mediterranean food with mint lemonade. 🙂photo 1 photo 2

^ Terrible photos, but this is most of our belongings crammed into our living room… soon to  be crammed into my parent’s garage!

photo 1 photo 5

^ The Adamson boys are moving pros!photo 4

^ Re-painting the walls in our apartment. Bleh.photo 5 photo 3

^ I was beyond exhausted. Can you see the bags under the bags under my eyes? Yeah. photo 1

^ We had a house show to release our album “Follow”. It was very fun! Thanks to all who came!photo 3 photo 2

^ 4 men on a couch.
photo 5

^ Our last Sunday at Oasis, with everyone praying for us. It was a tender and sad moment for us! photo 1 photo 3

^ Sharing our hearts with everyone. photo 5 photo 4

^ The weekend of moving! The Little Adamsons moved into an apartment that same Sunday. Woohoo! photo 2

^ The awesome giraffe shirt Kayla let me borrow. photo 1

^ Hiking ONE last time with Mom and Dad, up at Woods Canyon Lake. photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

^ Our little Yaris packed to the brim!photo 5^ I had to bring my succulents. Haha. 🙂photo 1

^ Great night for David’s ordination. Congrats David, we love you!photo 2

^ The infamous Steve Phillips hug. Rumor has it, only very special people get one. 😉photo 4

^ Hitting the road bright and early. photo 3

^ Who doesn’t eat hummus for a car snack?photo 5

^ The KC skyline. Quite the sight for sore eyes, after a long and miserable road trip! Haha.

More updates to come. Our love to all of you! 🙂


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