Apartment, er… EXTREME Therapy

Have you ever heard of the website apartment therapy?
Well, it has lovely photos of people who live in little apartments and make them look lovely.

I like this website.
I wish my apartment looked like some of their photos.
Unfortunately, my real life apartment therapy is still in session.

You see, in the world of pinterest and DIY blogs, it’s easy to find cheap thrift store items and make them cool. We live in a world where chalk paint and some Etsy prints can turn a boring room into a hipster heaven.

So when we got married and moved into the quintessential just-married-and-I-live-in-a-dump-cause-it’s-all-we-can-afford apartment, I figured it wouldn’t be impossible to spruce the place up with some painted accent walls, lots of decor, and some TLC.

Now that we’re moving (Can I just say I hate moving? I’ve moved at least once a year for the last 9 years… golly), I figured I should take some snap shots of our place before it’s dismantled. I could only take photos of the living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom because our spare bedroom is rivaling the aftermath of Hiroshima right now.

But, here’s just some snapshots of our LittleMiller world for the last year. It really was a nice little apartment, and I shall have fond memories of it as I recount stories of “our first dumpy apartment” to our children someday.

Anyway, enjoy!


^ Thrifted lamp, and aforementioned Etsy prints. DSC_0005

^ I really like buntingsDSC_0009

^ Thrifted window frame, with key hooks from World Market attached. DIY wreathDSC_0011

^My goal was to get cool candle sconces (no, not scones) for next to the mirror. Never found ones I liked… DSC_0013 DSC_0015

^ Trying to hide the A/C button.. hah.DSC_0016

^ I like hooks. DSC_0017

^ Master bedroom. Luke and I could both agree on stripes. Hah, so there you go…DSC_0019

^ Yes, that’s a large branch I used for a curtain rod.
Yes, I got many weird looks when I dragged it all the way from the Riparian Preserve area to my apartment. DSC_0020

^ Pinterest mirror wall. Luke thought I was crazy. DSC_0023 DSC_0026

^ Very cool aluminyze prints some dear friends gave us as a wedding gift. Love ’em!
And a fun free print from Life Made LovelyDSC_0027

^ I’m a sucker for succulents. DSC_0036

^ Pinterest strikes again. DSC_0037

^ Going for vintage fun kitchen feel. Not sure if I achieved that… mostly just feels eclectic.DSC_0039

^ Mirror above the sink to make it look bigger in there.
It was very sad not having a window in my kitchen. 😦DSC_0040 DSC_0042 DSC_0055


^ Only one shot of our bathroom.
Lighting was terrible… and, it’s a bathroom. What else do you need to see?

Well, that wraps up our apartment tour. I’m sure once we’re moved into our new place, we’ll have another one of these posts with our new decor adventures. Until then, keep on pinteresting!



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