Exciting News!


No, I’m not pregnant. Sorry!

BUT, we are MOVING to Kansas City, MO!

Some of you may have heard the news already, but we wanted to make official for everyone to know: We are going to Kansas City for the next 10 months to be a part of the KC-Boiler Room’s Vision Course!
The KC-Boiler Room is an awesome community of believers, who have been living lifestyles of prayer, mission and mercy as God has planted them right in the heart of Downtown Kansas City. The KC-Boiler Room stems from the larger network called 24/7 Prayer, which has been helping facilitate seasons of prayer and planting other Boiler Room communities worldwide since 1999.
The 10-month Vision Course is an intensive season of living within the Boiler Room community, attending prayer meetings and gatherings, participating in outreach to the city, receiving biblical training, and going on an international mission trip!

We have been praying and seeking the Lord over this decision for a very long time. Literally as soon as we were married, we felt the Lord hinting at a move sometime in our future – but we had no idea where or when. Over time though, God made it clear he wanted us back in Kansas City for more training.
It is with sadness that we leave many of our friends and family here in AZ for a time. But we are wholeheartedly convinced that the Lord has led us to participate in this course – and we’re equally convinced it’s going to be life changing for us.

Although I (Lauren) have been in a formal “internship” program before (at the International House of Prayer in KC), this entire program will be a very different experience for us. Firstly, we will be going through the program as a young married couple and getting to experience it all together. Secondly, this training is to help give us common vision for our marriage and more ministry training for the future. And thirdly, it’s for us to grow in quality relationships with other like-minded believers .
We are incredibly excited for this opportunity, and we can’t wait to see what God has in store for us during our second year of marriage!

Practically, this means we will be moving from Gilbert to Kansas City at the end of August, and we are currently in the process of support raising and packing up our things. We will be involved in the program until May of 2014, and then participate in a ministry trip during June. Everything is flying by so quickly – and we are trying to tie up as many loose ends as possible before we leave!

If you would like to find out more information about the Vision Course or read our support letter, please click on the links. To partner with us financially, leave a comment and we’ll let you know how to give. 🙂

We plan on keeping you all in the loop as much as possible as we make the move. Please keep us in your prayers as we begin this new adventure! Many more update to come!



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