There and Back Again – Pt. 3

The last leg of the roadtrip was unfortunately not as exciting and much less documented. We basically were in a car for the majority of it.

BUT, we drove from Kansas City to Denver and got to see our good friend Karen. And Denver was so nice! I’m jealous of your weather, Denver-people.
We spent about in hour  in Colorado Springs, poking around the Every Home for Christ prayer center. We then kicked it into high gear, and about 14 hours later (and after braving a scary rainstorm in Payson) we made it home. Praise the Lord.

Overall, it was a wonderful trip. We loved seeing so many friends and family – and Luke and I enjoyed spending so much time together. So yay for roadtrips.

photo 2

photo 3

^ The flat land of Kansas.

photo 3

^ Downtown Denver!

photo 5

photo 1photo 1

^ Pikes Peak, shrouded in clouds.

photo 4

photo 5

^ Storm chasing in New Mexico. photo 4 photo 3

^ Yay!

photo 3

^ We’re total nerds, and have been reading the entire Lord of the Rings series out loud together. We’re almost done with the last book! A billion hours in the car made for lots of progress. photo 4 photo 5

^ Literally dying by the end of the trip. Too many hours in the car!





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