There and Back Again – Pt. 0

Well although I have already posted a long and detailed “first post” with pictures from the trip, I actually found the real first photos (from our time in Pittsburgh!).

So just pretend like you never saw those other ones – and start with these. 😉

photo 1

^ Ze plane ride!photo 3

^ Pittsburgh! photo 2 photo 4

^ Early morning walks. Can you say HUMIDITY?photo 5

^ Things like this can grow places?! So lovely!photo 2

^ 3 photo 4

^ Aunt Carolyn killing bees like a pro. photo 5

^ Nerd alert – minesweeper addict. photo 2 photo 1

^ Fog everywhere!photo 4

^ Stuck for hours in traffic. Gross. photo 3

^ Some lovely flowers from the Good family, who we saw in ol’ Virginia!photo 5

^ Cute little neighborhood in Charlotte. photo 1 photo 2

^ What we did almost every night… solve crossword puzzles. Haha. photo 4 photo 5 photo 2

^ More pretty green things. photo 1

^ Sideways, but amazing 5 photo 1^ My happy little Anthro journals I purchased. 🙂


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