Well, we are off on an exciting vacation-road-trip thing! We’re hitting up the east coast and going to Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Ohio to visit family, then taking a road trip back through Kansas City and Denver back to good ol’ Phoenix.
Should be lots of fun (and expect many photos to boot!).

But in terms of the blog, updates may be a bit sparse for the next few weeks…

However, I will leave you with a few “Recently” photos, with some pictures from the last month or so. Enjoy!

photo 1

Pre-tubing down the Salt River. Rocking the hat. ^
photo 4

AZ-lovin. ^photo 5

Wedding rehearsal fun! ^photo 6

Mother-Son dance! ^
photo 7

photo 8

The infamous “This is my wife’s stomach, but no, she is not pregnant” photo. ^photo 9

The Barn at Power Ranch! ^ Great wedding venue. photo 10

David has a very… “modern” sense of style. ^
photo 11

Ze bride and Dad! ^photo 12

Bryan Miller, ladies and gentleman. ^photo 13

Oh, how did a photo of donuts slip in here? My bad. National donut day! ^

photo 4

This one time, the ceiling of our stairwell fell. No big deal. ^photo 19

Hottie alert – 10 o’clock! ^photo 20

At ABC Camp ^photo 21

Teaching during class time. ^


HUGE snake we saw on the drive up! Look closely! ^1

Reading from “The Hobbit” ^


^ Guess who we got to see!!!! Regina and Miles! They were visiting PHX, so we caught up for lunch. Absolutely love them both!

photo 1

Because sometimes, you just gotta get a burger for dinner. ^photo 2

^ My husband works at the coolest piano store EVER. Check it out: My First Piano


^ 4th of July festivities. Sorry they’re so dark! photo 6

^ Sparkler lightin’. photo 7

^ Agh! photo 8

^ Blurry husband.
photo 9

^ Watching fireworks from our car!

Happy July everyone!


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