Recently, life has been very fun and busy! Luke’s little sister Annie got married on Saturday, and we have lots of summer trips planned. There’s also lots of photos to share – but I’m backtracking a bit… so these are from the last couple months (how’d it get to be late June already?!).

ALSO, we have exciting news to share…
(AND NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! Golly, people give it a rest. I’ve had enough baby pressure in the last few months to last me a lifetime!).
But we’ll share our news later. 🙂

For now, here’s some pics…

photo 1

^ Peach pickin’ at Agritopia!

photo 2

^ He loves the KC hat. He stoles it from me!

photo 3 photo 4

^ YUMMY salad made from fresh produce from the Farmer’s Market (compete with purple carrots!)

photo 5

^Peach coffee cake, made from the peaches we picked and drizzled with honey.

photo 1

^ The before product.  photo 4

^ I guess we really like food cause I keep showing you photos. But we REALLY like pizza, and we’ve gotten pretty darn good at making it all from scratch. This is our pesto pizza!

photo 5

^ My little brother graduated  from High School! Woohoo! Go Matt!

photo 1 photo 2

^ Celebrating one year since engagement on May 23rd. We went to True Food kitchen in Scottsdale. YUM.

photo 3

^ Cool 4

^ I really love sunflowers. I kinda look like I’m 8 years old. This is at Agritopia’s community garden.

photo 1

^ Fancy mint lemonade. AND a basil -pesto quinoa dish, topped with squash and baby kale. Also, I love straws.

photo 2

^ Vegan berry crumble. Okay okay, I’ll stop with the food pics. What is this, the Food Network?!

photo 3

^ Putting on our numbers for our first 5k! Our friend Imke (on the right) was our motivation and “coach” to help us run this baby! photo 4

^ Post race! We ran it all, and we’re exhausted.

photo 5

^ We did it! Woohoo!


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