So Sorry!

Well, it seems as though life has gotten away with us – and we’ve forgotten about the blog! My bad.
It’s been a fun month so far, full of busy-life-stuff (Ya know, life-stuff… like eating and sleeping and working).
We’ve got some fun pictures to show from our trip to Trinidad, CA for our friend’s wedding! And lots of other little things to share, like recipes and ideas and such.

For now though, I’ll try and push through with more of the wedding photos (are you sick of them yet?). Hope not! Promise we’ll be done with them soon.


W-Miller-106 W-Miller-111 W-Miller-130 W-Miller-135 W-Miller-136 W-Miller-148 W-Miller-161 W-Miller-162 W-Miller-167 W-Miller-169 W-Miller-172 W-Miller-181 W-Miller-189 W-Miller-190 W-Miller-194 W-Miller-200 W-Miller-204 W-Miller-205 W-Miller-206 W-Miller-210 W-Miller-213 W-Miller-216 W-Miller-219 W-Miller-224 W-Miller-226 W-Miller-229 W-Miller-232

All photos by Adam Hanly.


One thought on “So Sorry!

  1. I thought that was an awfully clever way of gathering everyone’s fingerprints at the sign-in table. Those fingerprints would bring a pretty penny on the black market identity thieving website! Thankfully I always wear fake latex fingerprints on my thumbs for just this reason!

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