Well, it’s been a short spell since our last update. So, I thought I would bombard you with a “Recently” update, with pictures all the way from February (because, why WOULDN’T you want to see every little detail of our lives?)

So hold onto your browsers, it’s update time!


1. ww

2. wq

3. wefww

4. sdfsdfxxx






10. g



13. dfgdfgdfgd

14. etggerge

15. eqweqwe

16. e

17. bbbbb

18. 4


1. A sunrise somewhere special (with more pics to come). 2. Somebody’s big eyeball. 3. I’m a sucker for succulents. 4. Driving at 2am faces. 5. Despite poll results, I still got a haircut (but nothing drastic). 6. Snapping photos of the hole. 7. Freak snow in the desert (can you see it on the mountains?). 8. Jenny & Tyler show. Too cute. 9. Flagbrew Coffee in Flagstaff. 10. Sunrise faces. 11. L+L banana bread cake with caramel sauce. 12. What a cutie at the optometrist.. 13. Manning the soundboard at church/learning how to man the aforementioned soundboard 14. Some of the best little cupcakes in the world, from the Coffeeshop at Agritopia 15. Love us some springtime sun in downtown Gilbert. 16. My little Luke Skywalker shooting clones with his space gun. 17. Guess who’s coffee is who’s?! 18. Growing our tomato plant upside down! 19. Lovely rainbows. 


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