1. brekky2.

3. IMG_0611
4. IMG_0612
5. jacket
6. mountaintop
7. sunrise

Welcome to our first “Recently:” post! These posts are just quick little photo updates from the last couple weeks. It’s a nice little compilation of our iphone photos. Enjoy!

1. The hubs made me breakfast. 2. Our first Folk Metal show! We were there supporting our friend’s band Adavant. 3. Luke’s new electric guitar! What a beaut! 4. Me pretending to know how to play it. 5. “Fat guy in a little coat” (well, he’s not fat. But the Tommy Boy reference was too good to pass up). 6. Hiked to the top of he Usery Mountains. 7. Beautiful sunrise whilst jogging. 8. Sunset at Freestone park. 9. Usery mountain. 10. Stud-muffin.


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