It’s not you, it’s me.

Okay, I know – you don’t need to tell me.
I can see the look in your eye.
I can sense it in your body language.
I can feel your thoughts weighing down on me.
I get it….
You’re annoyed that we haven’t been updating the blog as much lately.
I know!
It’s been FAR too long between posts, and you’ve come here faithfully every day hoping to find some new content… when alas, all you continue to find is the same ol’ stuff on here.
Sad day.
I feel your pain.
I too am grieved by the glaringly apparent lack and appalling state of this blog.
I too am saddened by how little time we’ve spent together these last few weeks.

BUT, don’t you continue to mope!
New content is just around the corner!
Super-blogger has come to the rescue!

Okay, maybe I haven’t gotten Super-blogger involved (who’s that anyway?). But, it IS true – new stuff is coming yo’ way!
Life has been a little too busy for us lately, so we haven’t been able to keep up with many new posts. But, I promise I have at least 5 in the “drafts” folder (and more to come!).

Luke and I have had some fun ideas for a couple new blog post series that will be making their big debut this month!

Here’s some to look out for:
1. Recently: – This is our new post label for our random, quick and updatey type posts. Mostly these will be our iPhone photos with little stories from our weeks.
2. Top 5 –  Luke and I are going to be sharing our “Top 5” of Gilbert restaurants and such! We both are still in the research phase (which basically means we’re eating out a lot). But it’s going to be fun!
3. Uhm, Yum – More recipes coming yo’ way soon! I have some brunch ideas and a couple new crock pot ideas simmering in my mind (get it, simmering? Cause crock pots simmer? Hah).
4. Honeymoon & Wedding – We’re finally going to be sharing some more pictures from our wedding and also our honeymoon! We have a treasure chest of beautiful photos we can’t wait for ya’ll to see!
5. Some new relationships & marriage posts!
6. Luke is going to write a post/I’m making him write a post about baby puppy dogs. More info on what that means soon.
7. We’re planning a little apartment decor post (aka, how to make dumpy, cheap apartments not look so dumpy and cheap).
8. Last but not least, another “Ann’s 10 Commandments of…” will be debuting soon. The topic should be good… DATING.

So keep your eyes peeled, bookmarks booked and emails refreshed constantly so you don’t miss these little post puppies. Until then, I bid you all adieu. 🙂


One thought on “It’s not you, it’s me.

  1. Well!! about time; we can’t wait much longer. Ha! Ha!
    Love you guys; a ton. Keep up your good work!. Entertain and teach us all.

    The meals are great; thanks a million!

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