Laughing at the Class

Today I’m sharing a guest post from my brother-in-law David. He is Luke’s older brother, and probably one of the funniest people we know (second only to me, of course). He works as a substitute teacher and has a never-ending amount of hilarious stories from his students! So, he decided to start a blog to share some of them.
I asked him to share one of his stories on here, so you all could get a taste of his stuff.
It’s pretty dang funny.
So without further ado, here’s his guest post (and after reading it, go ahead and check out his site Laughing at the Class).

Guest Blogger: David Miller- Luke’s Best Man, full-time substitute teacher, only been hospitalized twice due to work related-psychosis.

In the handful of years that I have been working with elementary school students, both in a daycare setting and as a substitute teacher, this is one of my favorite funny stories. This particular day, I was working in the school-age room at a daycare and we were about to get the kids in line to take a bathroom break when a little 5 year old girl came up to me and whispered in my ear, “Mr. Miller, don’t check on me in the bathroom.” I was a little taken aback, firstly because I never checked on the girls in the bathroom, and secondly because I was shocked that any kid would be so obvious that they were up to no good. So, I asked her to clarify and she said, “Don’t check on me in the bathroom” (in the same suspicious voice as before). I went over to Mr. Will, another teacher in the room, and told him what had transpired and we both cracked up laughing, and then asked the third teacher in the room, Ms. Green to take the class on their bathroom break instead of me and to make sure she checked on this little girl.

Sure enough, the girl had tried smuggling barbies into the bathroom to play with in the sink. Mrs. Green had caught her quickly, thanks to the strange request the girl had made to me back in the classroom. For the next year, all Mr. Will and I had to do was look at each other and whisper, “Don’t check on me in the bathroom!” and we would crack up laughing.
For more great stories about all the funny adventures that keep coming my way as a full-time substitute teacher, check out my blog: Laughing at the Class at

2 thoughts on “Laughing at the Class

  1. This was the best! I can’t believe how funny this was! (Though not up to this blog’s usual humor which is an 11 on a 10 point scale. This post was more around a 9.6) I visited the laughing at the class blog and it was full of some great stories. One or two, I laughed so hard that milk squirted out my nose and eyes, and I peed my pants on three different occasions. Needless to say that this guest blogger’s blog is worth a visit!

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