End Table Refinish for the End Times


Lauren wanted to refinish her side table for our bedroom. So she bought a can of white spray paint. Isn’t she cute?

What you see before you will tell the story of our adventure. As you can see, we both know a lot about this kind of thing…

I actually think that I know how to do a quality refinish, we just don’t have any of the tools or materials or space to it the right way. I feel like this is probably a common problem for the ambitious, but poor married couple. That brings me to the close with two questions.

1.Do any of our friends find themselves facing similar hurdles?

2. Do any of our friends have the equipment we need to do a good job? (Power sander, a larger space than a second story balcony?)


6 thoughts on “End Table Refinish for the End Times

  1. That was like watching paint dry! We have David’s power sander here, and an empty garage. And maybe some more white spray paint!

  2. Let me retype that: If you come to Denver, i’ll make sure you have every tool and all the space you need. Pinky Swear.

  3. You know I have all the tools you need to complete your task out here in the shire, right? Belt sanders, corner sanders, colonel sanders, and space as wide as the desert…

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