24/7 Prayer Recap

Last week Lauren and I participated in a week of 24 hour prayer with our church family.We followed in the footsteps of the early Church, the Moravians, and a bunch of modern day radicals all over the world as we devoted ourselves as a family to night and day prayer. We encountered the Father and asked that His Kingdom would come in our lives, our city, and our world.

What a great week! My old bedroom at my folks’ house was used as the prayer room and slowly transformed into a hive of creative expression. We gathered for evening worship every night in the family room and God’s presence was so real and beautiful.

I took some clips throughout the week and put together this video. I have a lot of room to grow, but had a blast digging into the project of compiling and editing. I used a song from the band Loud Harp (loudharp.com, or http://comeandlive.com/artists/loud-harp/ for a free download!) called “Like a Dove”. Check out their music because it is worth it.

The song fit so perfectly the word that we felt like God was saying leading up to the prayer week: rest. We were praying and felt like God really just wanted us as a family to spend time in the place of prayer and find rest.That turned out to be true. During the closing worship hour we took some time and for people to share how God met them during the week, and all kinds of cool stories came out. One story came out about a woman who got in the prayer room and finally felt like she didn’t have to do anything but could just sit in there and enjoy God. She didn’t have to strive or try or prove or earn in her relationship with the Father. So what did she do? She painted! She acted like a little girl and enjoyed time with her Dad by painting with Him.

A couple other people said they experienced God’s rest in such a deep and profound way. They called it “prayer napping.” The verdict’s still out on what exactly that looks like, though I have my theories…


3 thoughts on “24/7 Prayer Recap

  1. Loved this! A good reminder to rest in the Lord:) praying for more of Him in your marriage, church family and city. Love you guys!

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