The kind of love that’s good for you.

Luke and I are loving married life. We’re loving being newlyweds. We’re loving being in love.
Sometimes we’ll be talking and it’ll will just hit me – I’m married.
I’m married?!
It’s funny to think that I’ve spent 24 years practically without Luke in my life… but now I can barely go a day without missing him when he’s a work!
It’s cute.
One of the things we both have been laughing about lately is that fact that, we’re good for each other… really good for each other.
Yes, we get along and have the same dreams and goals and have passion for God and people…
But, we’re also stubborn.
Very stubborn.
Haha. So, let’s just say we both are learning our fair share of humility lately!
It’s good for both of us to learn to acquiesce to the other’s preferences, and also to learn that we’re not always right (…or at least, Luke isn’t! ;))

It’s the kind of love that’s good for you, ya know? The kind that teaches you patience and humility… the kind that stomps down your pride and arrogance.
Praise God for this kind of love! Because the more we learning to love each other, the more we’re learning to look like Jesus. Marriage, I think, is secretly the furnace of holiness.
Yes, it’s lovey dovey wonderful butterflies and joy… but it’s also a nice escort into learning a lifestyle of happy holiness. And humility. What an adventure!


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