Narwhals on Call

Lauren loves Christmas. I love Lauren. I love Christmas.

Last night we watched Elf as a go-to movie to help us get into the Christmas spirit (also on the list: Santa Clause, White Christmas, and Muppet Christmas Carol). I haven’t watched the movie in a couple of years and had forgotten most of it. There is a scene towards the beginning of the movie that sparked a conversation that carried on throughout the rest of the night. The conversation produced some top notch material that may carry on for the rest of our life.

The scene is towards the beginning. Buddy finds out he is not an elf (“You’re adopted? Who told you?!” -Easy A) and is determined to meet his real father. He packs up and gets ready to leave the North Pole for New York City. He says good bye to several animated friends and hops on an iceberg bound for the New World. This is where it gets good. An animated sea creature with a unicorn tusk emerges from the ocean next to Buddy’s iceberg and says “Bye, Buddy.” to which Buddy replies “Bye, Narwhal.”

I laughed and thought it was some dumb made up animal. Lauren then tells me that it is real. I said no way, it’s a mythical creature. But she insisted. She’s stubborn.

We looked it up after the movie and glory be! Narwhal’s are real! They are arctic whale’s with an overgrown tooth that looks like a unicorn’s horn. They are very much real!

I watched several National Geographic episodes featuring narwhals and then… then I found it.

I found a gem that could change a generation. From the depths of the internet I present to you, “Narwhals”


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